Lets Talk Retaining talent

With very competitive talent pools for certain skills, it’s important to know what you can do to cultivate a workplace and experience where employees want to stay long-term. Read on for tips

Lets Talk Culture

Growing quickly is inevitable on the journey to becoming a successful company. When your team seems to be multiplying by the minute, how can you keep that same positive work environment? Read on for more information

Lets Talk HR

Your productivity will improve if you select for “fit”, even if you get someone with inferior technical skills. Why? Because a poor fit for team environment will impact every member of the team. Where the compromise be made – culture or skill? Read on for more details

Why Training Fails

Did you know that less than 10% of leadership training is applied in the workplace? In other words over 90% of your training fails. Effective Leadership Training is a achievable – read on to find out how

Name your Corporate Culture

There are different ways to change culture and I’m a strong advocate in naming your desired culture. It’s the best way to start and maintain a conversation that keeps your people thinking, talking, learning, and growing with the culture.

Do you really want culture change?

When you have a great culture you will enjoy superior productivity and performance because people are more motivated, enthusiastic, and committed. You will also experience less absenteeism, conflict, staff turnover, and other problems. The net result can be truly amazing.

3 Essential Leadership Qualities

Ever wondered what the essential qualities for a leader are? Leaders lead people so different qualities are needed – read on to find out more

The Building Blocks of a Dynamic Team

How do you build a network of dynamic teams? It takes time but the good news is that there is an innate desire in all of us to be part of a great team so a consistent and collaborative effort, involving all team members, will ultimately deliver something special.