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Our Journey: From Experiential Learning to Team Focus Plus

Our story began in 1988, over 30 years ago, as “Corporate Outdoor Activities.” Back then, we delivered interactive outdoor programs that placed teams in challenging situations to test their collaborative effectiveness. This early focus on experiential learning is important because it established us as facilitators rather than just presenters. We weren’t simply conveying theoretical concepts; we were working directly with teams and challenging their behaviours in a dynamic environment.

As our company grew, we transitioned to “COA Learning” to reflect the evolving nature of our programs. We were spending less time outdoors and more time facilitating learning and development workshops. Our workshops gained traction due to our unique blend of elements:

  • Challenging exercises: These pushed teams outside their comfort zones, fostering growth.
  • Sound theory: We provided a strong theoretical foundation for the exercises.
  • Practical tools: Participants walked away with actionable strategies to implement back in the workplace.

Furthermore, our flexibility, insight, and experience allowed us to design exceptional workshops for any group, anywhere. We catered to teams of all sizes, crafting bespoke team building, leadership, and culture programs for groups ranging from 6 to over 1,000 participants.

This unique blend of experiential challenges, expert facilitation, neurological insights, empirical data, and sound business concepts set us apart in the market. Few companies could offer such a comprehensive toolkit of learning options.

Team Focus Plus: A Name Reflecting Our Growth

In 2022, we adopted the name “Team Focus Plus P/L” to reflect the breadth and scope of our expanding curriculum. The “Plus” signifies our commitment to continuous development – there’s always more to offer!

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The Guiding Force: Ross and His Passion for Team Development

With over 30 years in training and development, Ross has dedicated his career to empowering teams, leaders, and fostering positive company cultures. His extensive experience spans a wide range of industries, from retail and mining to construction, sales, and even the world of music. Across these diverse sectors (retail, mining, construction, sales, finance, corrections, manufacturing, accounting, pharmaceutical, transport, insurance, and musical organizations), Ross has gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities each presents.

From Insights to Action: Building Leaders and Teams for Success

Over the years, Ross has not only identified the roadblocks that hinder genuine change and purposeful company development, but also translated that knowledge into practical models and actionable concepts. These tools empower your leaders to build the teams and cultivate the culture needed to achieve your strategic goals and targets.

A Unique Approach to Lasting Results

Beyond proven strategies, Ross brings a unique and creative approach to the table. His sessions are engaging and designed to foster sustainable results, ensuring the positive changes implemented have lasting impact.

Current and previous clients includes:

VISA, Westpac, BHP, OzMinerals Carrapateena Mine, Renascent Construction and Fitout, Bacardi Lion, Oceania Glass, VIC Dept of Justice, Syngenta Australia, and many more.

Qualifications, Accreditations, and Training includes: Masters in Communication Management; Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Trainer of Neuro Linquistic Programming (NLP); REACH Ecosystem; Human Synergistics LSI & OCI; The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; DiSC; Myers Briggs Type Indicator; Situational Leadership; Cert4 in Training and Assessment.