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Creating a competitive advantage through Leadership Coaching

Everyone wants to work as part of a strong team, for an inspiring leader, and in a great culture. This includes even your most difficult, negative, and cynical person. How do we know? As a result of interviewing people as part of organisational assessments for over 30 years.

So why aren’t they? Overall, what is stopping people enjoying the workplace they crave?

Undeniably, it is due to Poor leadership.

For the most part, building quality leaders is not easy. Furthermore, it doesn’t happen overnight, or in a two-day workshop, or by sending people to external courses.

Without a doubt, it happens on the job.

Firstly, imagine this scenario. A team member learns a great idea at a training program. However, when they get back to work their leader says “that’s rubbish” and tells them to do something else. So, which message wins? The new idea or the rubbish? 

Ultimately, 70% of learning, particularly about leadership, comes from on-the-job experiences and role modelling from leaders and supervisors.

With this in mind, if you want to build a competitive advantage through your people you need to look at what your emerging leaders are learning from their leaders. Are they getting coaching that will help them understand their leadership role?

competitive advantage through Leadership Coaching

Why you need Leadership Coaching

To illustrate the importance of leadership consider this – “a manager’s leadership style is responsible for 30% of the company’s bottom-line profit.” (Leadership that gets results – HBR)

You need to build great leaders but traditional training programs aren’t working. Consider how often have you, or a colleague, attended a training program only to find nothing changed back at work?

Given these points, if you want to build a competitive advantage, it’s time to try leadership coaching.

Instead of teaching generic concepts our leadership coaching builds a partnership that tailors the learning to their specific context, situation, and needs. Furthermore, you will walk away with specific actions that are followed up in the next session.

It works.

Talk to us now to find out more.

“I have been involved in the Private and Public sector for over forty years and in that time I have done many self-help and Leadership programs. I was sceptical of yet another coaching program, but I have found Ross to be intriguing, interesting, and helpful with his common sense approach that challenges you to think outside the box while giving you tools to use along the way. I would highly recommend Ross if you want to make a positive change to yourself or your team.”
Peter M McCallum
General Manager - Prison Industries | Offender Services | Corrections Victoria | Department of Justice & Community Safety