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Unleash the Power of Your Team:

A Leadership Workshop on Context

Are your leaders getting the best out of their teams?

Do they struggle to inspire peak performance and meaningful contributions? Are their teams aligned and working well together? Are individuals adding value to the bottom line?

The missing ingredient might be context. This interactive workshop equips leaders to unlock the full potential of their teams and drive business success by providing clear context, purpose, and meaning to what people are doing

This workshop equips leaders to provide context, which is critical for:

  • Empowering teams to greater contribution and performance.
  • Building trust and transparency and reducing conflict.
  • Aligning individuals to work together more effectively.
  • Understand the critical role of context in effective leadership.
  • Learn how to provide clear and compelling explanations for tasks and goals.
  • Develop strategies to empower teams through context-driven autonomy.
  • Foster a culture of transparency and trust by sharing relevant information.
  • Master the art of asking “why” to uncover the deeper meaning behind initiatives.
  • A clear understanding of context and its impact on leadership success.
  • Practical strategies for communicating context effectively.
  • The ability to empower your team to make informed decisions and take initiative.
  • Increased engagement and motivation among team members.
  • Empower Autonomy: Build engagement so people are making better decisions, taking ownership, and contributing more to the organisation.
  • Foster Transparency and Trust: Improve communication and build a shared understanding and trust.
  • Align with the Bigger Picture: Connect individual contributions to the broader organisational mission.
Who should attend
  • Team leaders and managers at all levels.
  • Anyone seeking to improve their communication and leadership skills.
Further information

It’s in 2 modules and can either be run as two separate 2 hour workshops or one 4 hour workshop. It can also be run online.

Module 1: Context – All meaning is contextual

  • Learn the power of Context: Share real-life examples of situations where context was missing and the impact that had on the outcome.
  • Link context to meaning and purpose. Explore the phrase “All meaning is contextual.”  
  • Defining Context: Explore what it is and its significance in leadership beyond instructions and goals.
  • The Power of “Why”: Discuss the importance of explaining the rationale behind tasks and goals. How does this impact performance? Link context with empowerment.
  • Benefits: Examine how context empowers individuals, aligns teams, and fosters trust.

Module 2:  Context – Delivering outcomes

  • Discussion: Analyse how providing context empowers teams to make informed decisions and solve problems.
  • Outline: The structure of context  – linking the WHY, WHAT, and HOW.
  • Link context to performance: Outline the importance of context in delegation. Learn how context empowers individuals to take intiative and make a meaningful contribution.
  • Explore its role in building trust and fostering transparency within teams.
    • Building a Collaborative Environment: creating a space for open communication and collaboration.
    • Alignment and Purpose: Explore how context fosters a sense of shared purpose and aligned effort towards goals.
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