Introduction to Culture

A great culture energises and inspires. It makes work a great place to be. People are aligned to a common purpose and things happen more easily. Further, people are inspired to do their best. 

However, contrast that with the alternative.

A poor culture creates tension and stress. People don’t want to come to work so they look for opportunities to take a day off. As a result, productivity and performance are negatively affected as people feel deflated and drained of energy.

You can still be profitable but it’s much harder.

What is Culture?

The most common definition is “the way we do things around here.” However, that doesn’t really capture the essence of it.

Culture is created subconsciously. That is, we naturally adopt the mindsets, attitudes and behaviours of people around us in order to “fit in”. We’ve been doing this since we were children.

Think about how children learn. They mimic the behaviour of people around them. Ultimately, it’s a habit we continue as adults and it’s how culture is built.

Our need to fit in is so strong, and this habit is so natural, that we are not aware it’s happening. People have been known to dramatically change behaviour and even do things they don’t agree with just to fit in. That’s the power of culture.

Keep it Simple

If you are thinking about transforming your organisation by creating a new, positive, and supportive culture then the biggest tip we can give you is to keep it simple.
You don’t need complex definitions, data, surveys, statistics, graphs, charts, or diagrams. Like most things a simple approach achieves the best results.

You just need to start having conversations.

Remember, culture happens subconsciously so talking about it brings it into the conscious mind and makes people aware of the attitudes and behaviours they are seeing and creating around them.

However, there are some specific things you will need to talk about to achieve an amazing culture. The first, and simplest is to start talking. Ask simple questions like:

  • How would you describe our culture
  • What culture do we need to be successful?


As an organisation you need to make a conscious choice about the culture you need to be successful and any behaviours that need to be stamped out because they don’t “fit in”.  Creating a new culture is one of the best things you will ever do.

Introduction to Culture
Intro to Culture Workshop
If you want to achieve a remarkable culture then you will need to engage with your people in conversations designed to create that culture.

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