5 Principles of Organisational Culture that Drives Agility

Having a manager who constantly hovers over you can immediately discourage and disturb you, and can result in a feeling of worthlessness in the employee. Micromanaging has proven to be the least effective form of managing people.

What is agility? It is the ability to be fast and ready to adapt to volatile times. Because of the current quick-changing environment and customer demands, organisations should always be prepared to adjust. Being adaptable will enable companies to respond to market needs and stay actively attuned to these.

But how can an organisation transform its culture into one that fosters agility? Here are 5 principles that your organisation can adhere to:


Encourage the team to cultivate a growth mindset.

Popularised by a psychologist at Stanford University, Dr. Carol Dweck emphasised how having a “growth mindset” helps in making changes in one’s actions and behaviour. Studies have shown how having a “fixed mindset” – as opposed to a “growth mindset” – is the natural tendency of humans. We are hardwired to be ‘fixed’ on past habits and beliefs, even if they are now inappropriate behaviours. Thus, we need to re-train our brain to consciously or intentionally adjust our thinking so that we can make improvements in our own behaviours, embrace challenges, view failures as temporary setbacks from where we can gain learnings, and obtain feedback from others as opportunities for self-improvement. Encouraging the team to always assess themselves and pursue continuous improvements will foster a culture of agility.


Foster an environment of psychological safety and safe space.

Creating an atmosphere where people can freely speak up without fear of reprisal or punishment would be valuable for any organisation. Allowing people to provide their input and ideas to contribute to the success of the company will empower team members, as well as stimulate creativity and innovation. Permitting people to express their thoughts will give the impression of broad-minded and flexible management, fostering openness and encouraging brave conversations.


Champion diversity and inclusion.

Encouraging diversity in the workplace enhances innovation, ideation, adaptability, and creativity and ultimately leads to higher performance all round. Being open to different backgrounds suggests that the organisation respects divergence, which ultimately leads to convergence. People feel welcomed and appreciated for their uniqueness and individuality and will contribute more to the success of the company.


Inspire transparency and collaboration.

In order to drive agility in the organisation, leaders should encourage transparency and collaboration across the teams. Gone are the days of silo thinking and withholding information. Upholding visibility, honesty, and directness will give way to better decision-making and problem-solving. In addition, strengthening collaboration within the teams and with other teams will establish better rapport, advance a healthy work environment, and enrich ways of working.


Promote adaptability to change.

To be able to attune to a fast-changing world, one has to be ready to adapt to changes. The sooner one can adjust, the better it will be for the individual and the entire organisation. From revamping outdated processes to revisiting strategies or customary working styles that are no longer effective will begin critical transformations. Nurturing the ability to quickly adapt would enable team members to efficiently respond to changes, in a way that will benefit the business.

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