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Team Development Solution for large conference groups

Conferences and training programs are a lot of fun and a wonderful experience. People come together and have a great time.

But did you know you can have fun and deliver a powerful message? You can enhance your ability to achieve your conference objectives while also giving people better value from their time.

The amazing part is that people appreciate it because they are getting a value add. They want more than frivolous games and “rev ups,” they want something meaningful that gives them something at a personal level.

Message in a bottle activity information

“Message in a Bottle” program is ideal. It’s designed for conference or workshop groups of any size and features interactive activities that highlight great business messages.

It typically starts with a high energy activity that has people moving around the room to get signatures based on specific criteria. The competitive energy, fun interactions, and loud music always creates a great start to a conference or meeting.

Next, when the dust settles, we explore how people approached the challenge. For example, there are great messages about our habitual ways of thinking, preconceived ideas and assumptions, and how we interpret information. Further, if it suits your objectives these observations can be linked to the mindsets of people in the business about things like your strategy, leadership, culture, or other specific topics like goal alignment, resilience, or the theme of your conference.

Ultimately, that activity sets the tone for the rest of the session. The group will participate in simple yet challenging activities and then learn from the experience. Activities are chosen based on your objectives, group size, logistics, and message.

An Example

One of our clients brought everyone together from across Australia for their annual conference. The objective of the conference was to build synergies between the state offices.

We ran our “Signatures” exercise, explored the habitual mindsets we saw during the exercise, and then linked them to the habitual mindsets in the business. It was a powerful way to start the conference and got everyone focussed on what we were trying to achieve. As a result, people then brought great energy and contribution to the facilitated conversations that followed.

Business Messages – Added Value

Our core expertise, which we’ve developed over 30 years, is our ability to draw learning from fun events. The strongest return on investment is achieved when we link the activity to a great business concept or learning. To achieve that we allow plenty of time for a debrief and engaging presentations.

So, what message would you like to reinforce? For example, Key aspects of your strategy? Or, your Values? What about thinking differently and new directions? Or taking personal responsibility instead of playing the blame game?

Other options include strengthening traditional themes like collaboration instead of competition, we are all working toward the same goal, leadership themes, how to build a great culture, accountability, resilience, listening, and more. The list goes on.

“Message in a bottle” is always tailored to your specific needs and includes pre-session briefings and unique design.

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