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Your people

Emerging Leaders Workshop

Are you investing in the people that are leading your company into the future?

Do you know who has the greatest impact on organisational performance?

Are you retaining talent and future proofing the performance of your organisation?

A great investment

Emerging Leaders are critical to your success because they lead and impact most of the workforce. They shape the work environment, guide attitudes, drive culture, influence productivity, and ultimately have a profound impact on profitability.

Are you giving them, and you, the best chance to succeed?

Investing in your emerging leaders is an investment in your future, with the added benefit that it addresses current issues like accountability, engagement, staff retention, conflict, difficult conversations, and more.

“Without adequate development, 60% of new managers fail (dramatically fall short of expectations or leave the company) within the first 24 months in their new role.” Research from CEB Global as cited in Forbes Why Most Managers Fail and How to Prevent it.

Think about the impact of that failure on your organisation. Teams will struggle, people will leave, and performance will be impacted.

There’s a 60% chance that’s happening to you.

Emerging Leaders Workshop

Our emerging leaders program is a fantastic mix of sound theory and practical application. It delves deeper than just teaching skills by engaging your emerging leaders in practical exercises that highlight the mindsets, beliefs and identity of great leaders.

By attending this workshop your emerging leaders will learn:

  • How to transition from technical to people leadership
  • The subtle art of inspiring discretionary effort instead of generating compliance
  • How to avoid the 5 fundamental failures of teams
  • An energiser activity that explores how mindset and beliefs drive behaviour
  • A challenging experiential exercise that highlights the distinction between technical and people leadership
  • The “Leadership in Context” model that explores how their leadership will need to evolve depending on the context of their role
  • The “Levels of Change” Iceberg that outlines how they can make a genuine change to their behaviour
Who should attend
  • Team leaders and managers at all levels.
  • Anyone seeking to improve their communication and leadership skills.

This one day workshop is suitable for emerging leaders at any stage of their leadership journey.

Group size can range anywhere between 6 and 24.

It can be run on or offsite in a venue of your choosing..


Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your emerging leader. They are an investment in your your future, with the added benefit that you will address current issues like accountability, engagement, staff retention, conflict, difficult conversations, and more

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